Fusion of Capicoua (Yannick Benoît and Agustina Mosca)  and Diplodocus (Yannick benoît - Srdjan Ivanovic - Hugo Corbin) CAPIDOCLOUS was born at the end of the year 2017.

The quartet explores unexpected, astonishing and strong musical sensations through the saxophone, the didgeridoo, the battery and the guitar without forgetting the amazing voice of Yannick and the numerous shakers and whistlers of Agustina.

We let you discover CAPICOUA's fabulous compositions and CAPIDOCLOUS' spontaneous creations.



You can find more music to listen and more information on their respective Social Media (Links at the bottom of this page). 


Yannick Benoit , saxophon

Srdjan Ivanovic, Drums

Jazz saxophonist, rocked by vinyl from the 60th, and also great pedagogue.

Passionate by sounds, harmonics, and music of indigenous peoples, he practices throat singing, the guimbarde and the 


Native from Sarajevo, Srdjan Ivanovic got a diploma at the conservatory of Amsterdam (BMus) and Utrecht (MMus). He won several music contest and  has been hayled by the jury and the press for his orgiginal and organic drums sound.

Agustina Mosca, didgeridoo. 

Native from Argentina, she is one of the most famous feminine player of this instrument, with her own style that she developped working as "busker" (street musician). Self-learner, she started in Barcelona, in 2001. Playing with miscellaneous musicians gave her the necessary musical knowledge to develop her own style. She is living in France (Paris) since 2006.

With CAPICOUA she did her 8th recording in 2015.

Agustina shares mostly her musical work between Europe and South America. 

Hugo Corbin, guitarist et composer.

He discovers the guitar as a self-learner listening bands as Led Zeppelin, Queen et Jeff Buckley. It is meeting with a clarinetist from New-Orleans when he came back to metropolis that he discovers the Jazz.

Parallèlement à des études en Langues Etrangères, il entreprend des études de musique. Il termine l’American School of Modern Music en 2009 et reçoit son diplôme de la main de Lionel Loueke. En 2011, il obtient son DEM avec mention au conservatoire de Noisiel où il étudie avec Frédéric Favarel.

The same year, he settles  in England where he had the opportunity to play with different musicians as Nick Blacka (Gogo Penguin), Kyran Matthews, Johnny Hunter. In 2012, he gets some financial support from the New School For Jazz of New York and go to study there one year.

He gets the chance to study with Vic Juris, Jonathan Kreisberg, Peter

Bernstein, Charles Tolliver, Rachel Z.

In 2014, he is back in Paris and starts the next year his quartet after he met Srdjan Ivanovic and Marc Buronfosse. He plays also in the Marc Buronfosse "Sketch One" Trio, Diplodocus and les Lueurs de Lily.

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